Better Board Pack Experience With A Board Portal

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Running an effective meeting begins with the preparation of documentation for it. Board Pack – these are all the necessary documents that the board meeting will need before the virtual meeting using special software. The online Board Portal is a handy tool that will help you not only prepare documents but also distribute them to all participants.

Preparing for the meeting

Permanent collegiate bodies (councils, colleges, commissions) are distinguished by a high degree of organization of their work.

It is expressed in the presence of:

  • Work regulations.
  • Work plan for the next year.
  • Own apparatus, headed by a secretary.

The regulations of the collegiate body determine the frequency of meetings, the type of decisions made, the procedure for documenting activities, the day and time of the meeting.

The protocol is one of the necessary documents, primarily because it records the fact of the meeting, the decisions taken at it, and the deadlines for their implementation.

Permanent collegial bodies should have a work plan for the year, which includes the main issues scheduled for discussion.

Preparing meetings

But meetings as a form of collegial decision-making can be held in any composition of participants, not only members of the collegial body. These may be meetings of heads of departments or meetings of specialists from certain structural units on a specific issue.

During the preparation of the meeting, documents consistently appear, which then become annexes to the protocol, or information from them flows into it.

The first document of this series is the agenda. It is compiled by the secretary based on the instructions of the chairman (collective body or this particular meeting) and the provisions of the regulations (if any). When setting the agenda, it is necessary to take into account the complexity of the issues discussed so that the discussion fits into the time allotted for the meeting.

The agenda is sent to the meeting participants and invitees. Several copies of the agenda remain with the secretary. They are used to draw up a future protocol, to conduct a meeting.

During the preparation of each meeting, it is customary to collect abstracts of reports or speeches from the speakers in advance, as well as information and reference documents illustrating them (tables, graphs, economic calculations, references, etc.). All these materials are replicated according to the number of meeting participants and distributed to them.

These documents necessarily include a draft decision on each issue included in the agenda. The speakers prepare drafts of such decisions. Materials for the meeting should be sent out 48 hours before it starts so that people can find time to read them and prepare for discussion.

Preparing the Board Pack with the help of special programs

To make it faster and easier to prepare documents for a future meeting, you may need special programs – in general, they are called remote Board Portals. This software allows you to store enterprise documents in cloud storage, provides joint editing of documents, polls, and voting.

The Board Portal also has all the necessary tools to prepare a report for a future meeting.

You can choose one of today’s popular management portals at For example, many company boards now use BoardMaps, iDeals, Boardvantage, or other programs.