Citrix ShareFile Review

The review will cover the main features of qualified sharefile software and compare its general peculiarities and specs.

Getting to know document management software

Modern businesses cannot deal without relevant solutions that will achieve the desired business approaches with beneficial flexibility and capability. You are running tons of documents that comprise confidential information everyday. As for deal making activities, you have to be ready to present the important sensitive documents on time to succeed in deals. Professional-level document management tools are in great demand with different size businesses. With the increasing popularity of file sharing software, you will meet plenty of solutions responsive to your needs, type of files, size of businesses, and more preferable options. All you need is to find out the appropriate software provider. You should monitor the key options offered by Citrix ShareFile solution, therefore.

Citrix core competencies

Document management tool provides a standalone feature set for both enterprises and startups. Three payment plans are available for users. You can benefit from testing the option by using the free trial. As for basic file sharing, it is excellent software. If your business requires collaborative tools, you’d better view another variant.

You can share files straightforwardly via the following ways:

  • from your account on the Citrix
  • uploading data from your business desktop
  • dragging and dropping files directly into the special send form

You can easily view files and folders to share them on the multiple operating systems. The solution is mobile-optimized as well, so you can benefit from sharing documents from your smartphone staying on the go. As for the set up procedure, it is straightforward and quick. You will be offered a guide to move on with the platform to get closer to its main features. What’s more, you will run the option for free for a month.

With the qualified tech support, you can run the credentials with ease. Email and phone support is available at any time. Teaching guides and tutorials can be found on the platform menu. The repository will cover the confidential information and share the files in a secure manner. If you want to comment on files, your organization has to purchase an online subscription.

Pros and cons

Glance at the main reasons to buy and to avoid the application to come up with the best decision.


  • Simple setup procedure
  • Easy-to-run interface
  • Affordable pricing packages
  • Free 30 days trial
  • Unlimited data storage


  • You cannot comment on documents
  • Paid subscription for online editing


To sum up, the Citrix ShareFile solution is a pretty good option for modern businesses. It contains a simple installation, exclusive guide over the platform, and a robust feature set. As for collaboration and task management, the option has nothing to offer. You cannot control viewing and editing files during project management by discussing or commenting on files. This is the only manageable drawback about its feature set. Overall, the software provider is doing a good job to provide users with basic regulatory tools for professional document management activities.