What is Keep2share?

The article will deal with the leading storage sharing tools and their payment packages including keep2share premium and standard features.

What you should know about file sharing

File sharing services differ with a general feature set and exclusive options. General spectrum may apply the standard storing, sharing, editing files and folders. If you get into the additional set, you will receive quality feedback with crucial collaborative options comprising commenting on documents and controlling the flow of sensitive data. As a matter of fact, the unique propositions are included in the premium versions and you have to pay to get them. Free spectrum of options comprises the basic functions of sharing files.

How to choose the best file sharing service

If you’re searching for a robust file sharing platform, you have to monitor the situation of digital items on the marketplace. With increasing popularity of digital products due to the pandemic of Covid 19, it can be challenging to find the versatility and flexibility of the leading software. You have to manage the size and types of files which you are going to store in the platform. Suggesting financial possibilities matters as well, if you want to purchase something on the budget or the full-spectrum payment package.

Keep2share general features

If you want to keep in touch with Keep2share, you have to get acquainted with its specs and feature set. You might want to achieve the free trial to test the option beforehand. You will get the basic set of features for free. If you want additional specs, you have to deal with the paid subscription. Overall, the file sharing service is doing a good job for individual use.

As for drawbacks, it doesn’t require encryption, so it could be insecure to handle the digital tool for business approaches. If you need the standalone solution, you have to run the Premium version which is an excellent multi hosting and file hosting service. Only Premium packages can guarantee safety and security of your account to ensure your anonymity. The option is easy-to-run with robust drop and drag features. Intuitive interface is what you need for successfully handling the sharing folders.

If you have to troubleshoot the issues with the package, you can straightforwardly achieve the support assistance which is available 24/7. The Premium package is a fast time saver option. You will get unlimited access to loading and downloading for 90 days as a part of subscription.


To sum up, if you want to apply for the standalone solution with file sharing, the Keep2share option is a good one. Achieving the basic feature set for free is not a good idea because you cannot succeed in high protective concerns. Safety and security can be applied with the Premium version. As for versatile and advanced software, paid solutions are the best-suited for quality management and document sharing.